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The Perfect MTB Racing Tire

Mountain bike riding is an art, although some of us our blessed with more skill than others straight out of the womb. It not only takes years of practice to master, but it also takes a technical understanding of the equipment you are using.

Most great riders not only posses the riding skills required to win, but they also understand the technical aspects involved in riding, and are capable of adjusting / tweaking / manipulating their bikes.

This site is dedicated to Mountain Bike Tires, which includes mountain bike tire pressure and all aspects of tires for riding on the dirt, or road.

Obviously key pro riders are actually involved in tire development, and get to use their designs. For those of us that can not have our own tires developed for us, we must select tires that are conducive to our riding style and the setup of our MTB bicycle.

While we focus on adjusting your tire pressure, you must first select the correct tires themselves for the trails and type of riding you partake in.

Here are is nice selection of tires to try at affordable prices. Many of these tires I have raced with or run during practice over the years and recommend trying these out. In order to find the best tires that work for you, many tires must be tested. Sometimes you find a tire you love, and they discontinue, it that is never any fun. Also during the testing of new tires, you might crash while mastering the tire, and that is just part of riding, so at least run the proper protective gear when your ripping it!