Romero Trail Bicycle Review in Santa Barbara CA

This review is for the Romero canyon mountain bike trail in Santa Barbara is a trail for both XC / Cross Country riders & AM All mountain riders. Not much of a challenge for FR / Free Riders or DH / Downhill riders, unless you consider pedaling a big hefty pig of a bike uphill for 10 miles a challenge?  Although this is a great trainer to get your endurance up to good ole UCI DH World Cup Level.

Romero canyon mountain bike trail combines a great workout, that is a steep fire road climb that turns into a very technical climbing challenge halfway to the top.  The amount of difficulty and technical challenge does change yearly based on the rains, fires and other interference, but this just keeps thing interesting.

Also once you make the top, everything that goes up, must come down.  It is great fun barreling down on your mountain bike to the bottom. There are some high speed turns and some moderate level technical parts.

Option 1) Ride to the top and then cut over to San Ysidro. Blaze it down, and take the street back to your car. I will review the San Ysidro trail soon…

Option 2) Ride down 50% of the fire road / trail, and about halfway down catch the single track run which cuts hard to the right. There is an arrow sign there and a big tree. You probably noticed the trail on the way up, maybe even found it a nice shady break place like we do sometimes.

Option 3) Do it as a night ride, that always ups the ante.

The single track is always a blast. While it probably only takes 15-20 minutes to rip through it, there are only a couple parts you have to hike-the-bike due to erosion. Again I would call this part moderately technical. It may be more difficult for newer riders, but it is pretty easy to hike-a-bike if need be, and a great place to develop new skill. (For newer riders, I want to point out the golden MTB rule. Carrying more speed over difficult parts may seem scary, but the reality is when you have more momentum / speed, rough, rocky, technical parts are much easier to cross. I guarantee once you get over that hump, you will agree 100% with me.)

Important things to remember on your ride. Always be courteous to hikers, as there can be a lot on the trail. Bring your trail BELL for the ride down, an XC helmet, plenty of water, an extra tube, and at least 1 energy bar. I usually take 2. Sometimes for myself, but lots of times one of my friends forgot to take a bar.

Have a great time!!! is dedicated to XC, Enduro & DH MTB racers & Road Bike & Cyclo Cross Bicyclists