Road Bike Disc Brakes vs V Brakes for the Pro Roadie

Are Disc Brakes better than V Brakes for you Road Bike?

Pros of Purchasing Disc Brakes On Your Road Bike

  • Much better stopping power
  • No more rims with a braking surface that is prone to contamination
  • Increased brake wear over V-Brakes
  • Disc size and brake material options for better customization
  • The future of Road Biking

Cons of Purchasing Road Bike Disc Brakes On Your Road Bicycle

  • Weight Penalty
  • Higher purchase cost

Disc Brakes vs. V Brakes for the Roadie

The best decision should take into consideration how much steep descending you do. Our rides typically put more emphasis on climbing, and we often descend very steep, poor maintained roads.

If this is more your style, not only will disc brakes provide a much safer ride, but your arms will be much less fatigued running the disc brakes. Again this assumes you are comfortable with the increase in weight.

It makes the most sense to purchase a road bike with the disc brakes as an included option, since many road bicycle frames do not include the post mounts required to install the disc brake calipers.

Pros of Purchasing V Brakes On Your Road Bike

  • Reduced Weight
  • Super affordable
  • High Reliability
  • Simple to adjust on the Road

Cons of Purchasing V Brakes On Your Road Bicycle

  • Old technology most like phased out in the future
  • Not a high precision system
  • Less stopping power
  • More fatigue when applying heavy braking

Should you purchase a new or used road bicycle with V Brakes?

There is plenty of inventory when it comes to road bicycles designed for V-brakes. Personally I would still lean toward a high quality frame, excellent components and good wheels with v-brakes over sacrificing the above simply to get disc.

Thus being said, if you have a larger budget and can afford the above with disc brakes, if the minor weight gain is acceptable, this is the smarter choice for the long haul.

Final Thoughts on Road Bike Disc Brakes vs. Road Bicycle  V Brakes

I am pretty comfy with my mountain bike disc brakes. The transition to a road bicycle with disc brakes is very elementary and during those moments when you need to grab a big handful, the stopping power of a disc brake on your road bike is unbelievable with very little input from your fingers.

If you are new to road bike disc brakes, you should get comfortable using the least amount of fingers required to quickly and effectively clamp on the brakes. Various systems have different sensitivity adjustments, and the distance the lever moves before activation should be adjusted to so you can use them with the least effort.

Remember to check pad wear on both your road bike V Brakes or your road bike Disc brakes, your life may depend on them.

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