Enduro Mountain Bike Racing

Enduro mountain bike racing, formerly and sometimes still known as Super D essentially combines the thrill of downhill in parts of the course, but also requires rider to pedal uphill.  Both on dirt trails and sometimes on the pavement.

Often time the course is divided up in segments, and the overall riders average time across all the courses is combined for a final standing.

Each Enduro mountain bike rider can select a different bike for an entire segment of course.  However, they can not switch out their Enduro mountain bike within a race segment.

Hence if you decide you need more mountain bike suspension travel, perhaps 180mm for a very aggressive downhill part of the mountain bike Enduro race course, you will be required to also ride this heavier bike on the uphill portions as well.

One exciting thing about Enduro mountain bike racing is that mountain bike racers must carry all they gear with them.  This can include tools, nutrition, pads, repair parts and this greatly increases their overall pedaling weight.

It is not uncommon for Enduro mountain bike racer to help each other out, even at the pro level which is one of the great things about the sport of cycling.

So you are interested in getting more involved in Enduro mountain bike racing, you are going to have make some decisions that BikeOptions.com can help with.

Enduro Mountain Bike Racing Bicycle & Gear Questions

  • Should I buy a carbon or aluminum Enduro mountain bicycle?
  • What is the best suspension travel for Enduro mountain biking?
  • Should I run 27.5″ or 29″ wheels for Enduro mountain biking?
  • What tools do I need for Enduro mountain bike racing?
  • What is the best hydration system for Enduro mountain bike racing?

Enduro Mountain Bike Race Training

If you are going for the podium, you are going to have to get serious about getting your cardiovascular system in top shape by endurance training, strength training your entire body, and honing both your XC skills and DH skills.

In addition optimum nutrition will be required to enhance your performance and increase recovery times.

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