Downhill Freeride and Enduro Mountain Bikers Why Ride With A Chain Guide

Are you tired of your chain falling off? 

Ok, maybe it only falls off once in a full moon when there are werewolves howling on the trail, but still that is too much for me.  Plus when it happens your likely break your chain, or at least jam it up good, jacking your bike and drivetrain.

Well get this, some geniuses invented something called a mountain bike chain guide and mountain bicycle chain tensioner.  So with the exception of a little extra weight, and of course a great excuse to spend a few more dollars on your bike that is probably already made of 14K gold by now, it is absolutely a must.

I personally have lost races attempting to run no chain guide / chain tensioner system.  Nothing is worse than losing a mountain bike race from throwing a mountain bike chain.  You always wonder how would I have done if my damn chain didn’t come off.

I have also found that when I ran no chain guide / chain tensioner system on a lot my freeride / enduro mountain bikes this would happen over time.  When my drivetrain was new, I might have months of no chain throwing, but after that it became more frequent.  Also even when I replaced the drivetrain, it would still happen sometimes as if there was some kind of mountain bike gremlin that was riding along on my cassette looking for the opportunity to chuck my chain.

So take my advice and stop your chain from every defying your will, and force it stay on your mountain bike chainrings and rear cassette.

Its a no brainer so simply  step up and buy a brand new chain guide, for any combo of XC, FR (Freeride), Trail, Gravity, Enduro Mountain Bike, and own the trail again or dominate on race day.

I installed my own, but sometimes spacers or other stuff was required to get the right chain line perfect.  It is up to you and your budget, but it can be done.

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