Downhill Mountain Bike for Racing

Get all geared up for the upcoming Downhill Mountain Bike Racing Season

In order to dominate the DH mountain bike circuit, you are going to need the right Downhill Mountain Bike, the proper gear, tools and nutrition to launch you to victory.

Getting on the step sof the podium all starts with the correct DH MTB bicycle.

Today’s Downhill mountain bike technology is through the roof.  While it might be a bit confusing, is here to help you make the best decision within your budgetary constraints so your next downhill bike lands you on the podium.

Downhill Mountain Bike Frame Technology

Here are your choices for the frame construction:

  1. Aluminum for Downhill Bikes
  2. Carbon for Downhill Bikes

Should you buy an aluminum or carbon DH mountain bike frame.

Advantages of a Downhill Mountain Bike Frame in Carbon

  • Carbon is lighter by as much as 1-2 pounds.
  • It absorbs vibration very well.
  • It can be designed to be as strong or even stronger in the most crucial areas, and more flexible where needed.  This can be fine tuned more with carbon construction than aluminum.

Disadvantages of a Downhill  Bike Frame in Carbon

  • A carbon downhill bike frame is more expensive than an aluminum downhill mountain bike frame.
  • Carbon simply doesn’t do as well as metal concerning deflecting rocks and flying debris against the frame.  Crashing on a carbon frame can often break the frame, or at least chip it real bad.  If you are familiar with fiberglass, like on boat hulls, this is more advanced product, but reacts similar to impact.

Advantages of a Downhill Mountain Bike Frame in Aluminum

  • Tested and proven to be capable of wining World Cup races, even against carbon frames.
  • Price is more affordable.
  • New technology has shaved a lot of weight while increasing strength
  • Handles crashes and impacts from the trail very well.

Disadvantages of a Downhill Bike Frame in Aluminum

  • More prone to harsh vibrations.
  • Heavier than carbon mountain bike frames

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