Bootleg Canyon XC Enduro Downhill MTB Mountain Bike Race

Boulder City NV

Entrance to The Event At Bootleg Canyon

Bootleg Canyon Billboard

The Scenery at Bootleg Canyon

Shuttle Full of Mountain Bike Riders at Bootleg Canyon

Mountain Bikers Catching a Shuttle Ride Up To The Top of the Trail

Mountain Bike Riders Catching a Shuttle Ride Up To The Top of the Trail at Bootleg Canyon

We made a road trip up to Nevada from Santa Barbara, California. Mission: to enjoy the mountain bike races at Bootleg Canyon. Mike raced the downhill race on Sunday, and I just hung around taking pics and enjoying the scenery on both days. Fun times!
Mountain Biker Catching Big Air at Bootleg Canyon

To get an idea of how high up in the air this guy actually was, take a look at the left of the pic. See that person holding the camera? Kinda puts it in perspective.

Dude- you rock! If this is you, or one of your friends, please comment and let me know because I’d love to properly credit the rider in the photo. The picture was taken Sat. in Bootleg Canyon. I’ll be posting more Bootleg Canyon mountain biking & racing pics, so if you were there, please check back to see more!

I’d never been to Bootleg Canyon before, and I was pretty impressed by both the trails and the entire park.
You couldn’t have asked for more perfect conditions for a mountain bike race. The weather was gorgeous- beautiful blue skies atop a nonstop expanse of rugged desert hills and mountains. I thought the trails, especially the expert track, looked pretty darned challenging. My hat’s off to all the riders who gave it a try. You all rock!

Over the next view days I will be posting the pictures I took at the races. If you were there, I might even have pics of you. Wanna see ’em? Well, if so, please bookmark this site or add it to your feed reader and check back again, because I’ll be sharing as many as I can.

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