Bootleg Canyon Semi Pro Downhill Race First Place Winner Results- Scott Johnson / Rider #61

Semi Pro Downhill Race Winner Results- Scott Johnson / Rider #61 Bootleg Canyon

Here’s a photo of Scott Johnson, rider #61 and first place winner in the Semi-pro class of the downhill mountain bike race at Bootleg Canyon. This photo was taken on February 17, 2008, and I snapped the photo at a spot that was right before the finish line.

CONGRATS SCOTT! Great job on the race.

If you raced Bootleg Canyon this past weekend, please bookmark this web site and check back, because I’ll be posting more photos and commentary on the race results ASAP. I have more than 10 rolls of film and I tried to get pics of as many riders as possible, so I might even have pics of you if you were there.

Also, additions and corrections to this post are welcome. Please comment! THANKS!

Posted by: Amy S.