Best Road Bikes to Buy

Selecting the best road bike to buy, might seem daunting but we give you all the info you need to simply the decision.

Carbon vs Aluminum Road Bikes

Carbon has been available longer on road bikes than mountain bikes, and getting into a carbon frame is much more affordable.  I personally found my carbon frame much stronger than anticipated.

I had a head on crash with a cyclist on a cheap heavy department store bike and my carbon road bike frame was fine, in fact only the wheel were knocked out of true.

Also the carbon frames I have run absorb vibration much better than aluminum and this is truly a great thing since road biking can be so prone to vibrations.

So, go carbon if you can, it really is the smarter choice.  You will save probably about a pound on overall weight, reduce the shock through your body, and if you are like me, be very happy with the decision.

Carbon vs Aluminum Road Bikes Wheels

Both are satisfactory if they are of high quality.  Nothing improves your overall performance and riding pleasure than a good set of wheels.

Low – Mid quality wheels should be avoided.  You will reduce at least 1-2 pounds of weight with a quality set of either carbon or aluminum wheels, and it is immediately evident on the first to the last pedal stroke.

Do you have to go carbon no.  Do you have to go quality.  Yes.

Best Road Bike Drivetrain

The 3 most important pieces of your drivetrain to consider are:

  • Road Bike Cassette
  • Road Bike Cranks
  • Road Bike Rear Derailleur

You are going to want to go quality for these 3 items.

Select either the top of the line, or one level down from top.  The difference your road bike crankset and road bike cassette make to not only weight, because they are rotational mass, is night and day over cheaper components.

A quality rear derailleur will ensure, consistent shifting in all conditions.

Best Road Bike to Buy Conclusion

This information above should supply you with the necessary information to make the best purchasing decision.

Always make sure you select the correct size as well.

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