Best Road Bike Professional Training Tips

Train Like a Road Bike Pro

Developing a proper training regiment that helps you get the most out of each road bicycle ride or race is key to your enjoyment / success with the sport.

There are different parts of your legs you can workout with different types of terrain you cover, and of course these terrains will determine the type of heart rate conditioning you are doing as well.

10 Tips for your Road Cycle Training Regiment

  1. Always stretch before and after your workout.  Take your time and stretch your upper and lower body.
  2. Start your ride on flats or gentle climbs, and give your body a good 10-15 minutes to slowly warmup, thus avoiding possible injuries due to improper warmup.
  3. For the best upper leg workout, hill climb, and add some pedal time standing while pedaling.
  4. For the best controlled / more constant heart rate training, work on flats.
  5. Use flats for practicing sprinting, controlled starts and cadence variations with different gear combinations.
  6. Purchase a Heart Rate Monitor Watch or cycle computer with HR capabilities and start logging your workouts, distances and heart rates.  When your heart rate decreases for your repeated planned workout, increase the difficulty, by either increasing distance and / or gear ratios.
  7. Stagger your workouts, so you are alternating between rides that more flats, and rides that are more about climbing.
  8. Provide sufficient recovery time of at least two consecutive days in a row for properly healing.
  9. Focus on your nutrition for your best performance and healing.  Some of the best advise on the topic can be found here at on rider health.
  10. Log not only your heart rates performance, but keep track of your workouts, and nutrition, and start analyzing what is working best for you.

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