Best Mountain Bikes to Buy

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How to buy the cheapest mountain bike from one of these big brand names:

How to Buy the Cheapest Mountain Bike – MTB 101 The Components

It use to be that manufacturers would just set up 3 component models:.

  1. Shimano SLX – mountain bike components
  2. Shimano XT mountain bike components
  3. Shimano XTR mountain bike components

Generally the team model had all XTR and sometimes there were 4 models, and the lowest model came with all Shimano Deore.

Nowadays with SRAM and other brands offering better drivetrain options many mountain bike manufacturers are mixing and matching.

Usually this requires a little more knowledge to understand stand what you are actually getting.

  1. First, always buy a team, pro or expert model, especially when they come up heavily discounted.  The deal you will get on one of these mountain bikes are outstanding, and worth every penny.
  2. Second, check out the cranks and the cassette, these components generally set the stage for how serious the build is.  Often times mountain bicycle manufactures cut corners here.
  3. Third, mountain bike suspensions is everything, and cheap suspension needs to be upgraded, or it really downgrades the mountain bike’s performance.
  4. Fourth, the mountain bike wheelset should be tubeless compatible (unless your are sub $1000) and a good set of hubs is a bonus.
  5. Fifth, the mountain bike brakes are generally used as a sacrifice point these days and it has been deemed somehow acceptable to spec every bike with Shimano Deore, when they should often be several models higher like Shimano SLX or Shimano XT based on the price tag and model level of the bike.

The Best Mountain Bikes to Buy  – Conclusion

In my opinion these are the tips & tricks to focus on for the best mountain bikes to buy.  Make sure get the cheapest mountain bike at that is of the highest quality.  Most frames for the same year models will be consistent in technology if we are talking big brands with good reputations.

Don’t worry about little stuff that is easy to upgrade, like the seat, or tires.  It is the expensive components to focus on like brakes.

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