Best Downhill Mountain Bike in Carbon for DH Racing

Are you in the market for the best Downhill mountain bike in a carbon frame that lands you on the podium. 

Good news!

You are probably pretty serious business on the trail, and keep up with UCI DH World Racing.

Currently almost every rider and manufacturer worth their salt are running downhill bike made of carbon.

What do they know that we don’t about dowhnill bikes in carbon for mountain bike racing:

The Advantages of Carbon Downhill Mountain Bike:

  1. Weight Reduction.  Keep in mind poorly designed carbon frames for downhill mountain bikes, can actually weigh more, so go with a good brand.
  2. Controlled flex and increase lateral strength where it counts. – Engineers have a lot more control over the responsiveness  of specific zones on the frame.
  3. Expect the market price to drop pretty low in a few more years.
  4. Improved suspension designs are possible with carbon because many of the limitations present when machining / welding metal frames don’t apply to carbon frames.
  5. Carbon downhill bike triple crown forks are just starting to emerge, and this will change everything.

Disadvantages of Carbon Downhill Mountain Bikes:

  1. Carbon is prone to chipping and cracking from heavy impacts that might just put dings in metal frames
  2. Higher cost for the latest & greatest technology the DH UCI world cup pros use.
  3. Still early in the testing era, so designs are still evolving along with the actual carbon bike manufacturing processes.

Final Thoughts on Carbon Downhill Mountain Bikes for racing:

Downhill Mountain Bikes with  Carbon Frames are here to stay, and its what the pros are using everyday to win on some of the hardest courses in the world.  The truth is, you should go big, or go home.  Buy the best machine you can, train hard and let nothing get on your way from hitting the top steps of the podium.

If you buy something cheap, you will always wonder, was it the bike, or your own skills limiting your performance.

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