Best Bicycle Tires to Buy

If you want to make the smartest decision on the best bicycle tires to buy, here are some of the facts to consider.

Best Bicycle Tires to Buy – Road or Mountain

Tires are best suited for dirt, or pavement, but some tires cross over fairly well.  Also many mountain bike riders, climb pavement to get to the trail, and may even ride down the pavement  back to their shuttle vehicle or home base.

I would even run a small dirt trail on my Giant OCR carbon road bike to get home.  This was well before Cyclo-cross.  See I was a trend setting maverick and I didn’t even know it.road-tires

Best Bicycle Tires to Buy – Tire Compound

Selecting the proper tire compound based on the type of terrain you are running on is of utmost importance.  Many tire companies nowadays coin / brand their own unique names of their compounds.  Some are proprietary, while other are fancy marketing names, see watch me pull this rabbit out of my hat.

Generally all compounds adhere to the basic Durometer scale of hardness 70 being much harder than 42, which is a soft rubber generally reserved for racing.

Softer rubbers wear down faster.  Harder rubbers last longer, but lack good grip over rough terrain like rocks and roots, especially if they are wet.

Bicycle tire technology also offer dual compound options as well.  Thus the outermost knobs maybe 50 for better grip, and the center knobs will be 60.  Of course you don’t use the edged knobs as much, but being a softer bicycle tire  compound they will wear faster.

Best Bicycle Tires to Buy – Knob & Tread Pattern

Most higher quality road tires and mountain bike tire have a tread or knob patter specifically designed for certain environmental conditions.  Bear in mind this pattern usually corresponds to the type of compound selected so it performs at its best.

For example some tires are designed for mud, dry pavement, hard pack dirt etc.  The bicycle tire manufacturers include this information with their sales specification so it is easy for the bicycle rider to make the correct choice.

Best Bicycle Tires to Buy – Cheapest Price

Ok, so we have established how to select the best tire for a specific cyclists needs, now the best part.  That being finding the cheapest price on the best bicycle tires you want to buy.

This one is simple, don’t spend your valuable time combing the Internet for deals, we are the worlds best blood hounds when it comes to finding the cheapest bicycle tires, from the big name brands.

Cheapest Bicycle Tires to Buy for Road Biking:

Cheapest Bicycle Tires to Buy for Mountain Biking:

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