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Question: Should I upgrade my wheelset (rims / wheels) on my road bike?


Upgrading your Road Bike wheels is a smart decision. Nothing enhances the performance of your road bicycle more than a well-built wheelset. Whether your riding your Road Bicycle at 18 mph (29 kph) or flying the Space Shuttle at 25,000 mph (40,232 kph), the secret is friction. Friction reduces performance and expends more energy unnecessarily.

The most noticeable reductions in weight, on your road cycle come from reducing rotational (moving weight). Shaving weight off your road wheels (i.e.) 1 pound (453 grams) may be much more noticeable than shaving 2 pounds from upgrading your handlebars, seat post and seat. Shaving weight off your road rims, is generally an expensive proposition, but worth every penny. The increase in performance of your bike will be immediately noticeable. Most recreational riders usually start off with a less expensive bicycle that cuts corners by installing less expensive rims. Your benefit will tremendously noticeable as you might shave 2-3 lbs (906 grams – 1360 grams ) of rotation weight. For those planning on, or who already are competing, you know that shaving even 50 grams, fractions of pounds is a necessity.

Question: I want to upgrade my Road Bike wheels (wheelset / rims) but which pair should I purchase?


Selecting the correct rims for your bike should be carefully considered. offers expert advice on understanding the full range of products available in addition to helping you find the best price and customer service for your new investment.

Their are a handful of competent manufacturers who produce well-built rims, and their products (like most reputable companies) become more expensive as the quality / workmanship of the product itself is superior.

Most of us know the best deals are to be had by purchasing close-outs, or buying when it is off-season. Sometimes older models from years past are blown out of inventory as well. Sometimes these are wonderful products, and other times there are potential problems / improvements with that are corrected on newer more expensive models.

Here is the latest and greatest road bike wheels. Life’s too short not too upgrade! Deals are subject to change without notice, and many of these wheels have gone on sale recently.

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