The Perfect MTB Racing Tire

Mountain bike riding is an art, although some of us our blessed with more skill than others straight out of the womb. It not only takes years of practice to master, but it also takes a technical understanding of the equipment you are using.

Most great riders not only posses the riding skills required to win, but they also understand the technical aspects involved in riding, and are capable of adjusting / tweaking / manipulating their bikes.

This site is dedicated to Mountain Bike Tires, which includes mountain bike tire pressure and all aspects of tires for riding on the dirt, or road.

Obviously key pro riders are actually involved in tire development, and get to use their designs. For those of us that can not have our own tires developed for us, we must select tires that are conducive to our riding style and the setup of our MTB bicycle.

While we focus on adjusting your tire pressure, you must first select the correct tires themselves for the trails and type of riding you partake in.

Here are is nice selection of tires to try at affordable prices. Many of these tires I have raced with or run during practice over the years and recommend trying these out. In order to find the best tires that work for you, many tires must be tested. Sometimes you find a tire you love, and they discontinue, it that is never any fun. Also during the testing of new tires, you might crash while mastering the tire, and that is just part of riding, so at least run the proper protective gear when your ripping it!

How to Factor External Temperatures into Road Bike Tire PSI

The temperature of the street /external weather will affect the your road bike tire PSI. Obviously the two are linked. (i.e. if it is a 100 degrees f outside, chance are the street is not going to be freezing at 32 degree f)

Running your road bike at high speeds will cause your tire PSI to increase, just like it does on your car tires. Extreme cold weather on the pavement will cause a lower increase to your tire PSI as your tires tend to heat up which is caused by the friction of contact with the ground / the speed you are moving.

On a super hot day your tire PSI might increase by 2-5 psi, and on extreme cold days might no increase at all. This of course will affect the overall handling of the bike.

How to Setup Tire Pressure for UST mountian bike wheels

Like most riders, I started Mountain Biking with NON-UST, tube filled rims. I knew the day would eventually come when mtb riders would receive tubeless technology, since it was already being used on car and motorcycle rims.

I must admit it took me many years to make the switch, but it was one of the best upgrades I ever made. Since I was riding both Freeride (FR), racing downhill (DH), Super D (AM) and putting in plenty of cross country (XC) miles on my Cannondale Gemini. I had the tough decision between an XC UST rim, and a heavier duty FR / DH UST rim.

Of course there are Pros and Cons to making this decision. If your more than 160-lbs and you ride hard, jump a lot, you might consider a heavier UST rim. If you can true the wheel yourself, then of course you could go lighter if weight is an issue.

If your just running cross country (XC), go with the XC UST.

It is hard to explain the increased feel you get from UST and the additional confidence as your control increases. Also you can run higher pressure, reducing flatting and rim damage, with the same performance as non-UST wheels which require less air psi for the same performance. Of course lowering air psi on Non-UST wheels is an invitation for rim damage and flats. Plus the tire folds over more reducing control. Often adding too much pressure to Non-UST wheels, makes the bike too bouncy.

In the end, once you go UST, you will never go back:)

For more info on setting proper UST wheel pressure (PSI): click here

Best Mountain Bike Crashes in Brian Head Utah National Race

best mountain bike crashes brian head utah national race photo by

We recently updated our best mountain bike crashes page.

Anyone looking to race in a Brian Head Utah national race will want to check out the trail’s hardest spots.

The photos are exclusively ours, taken by my wife and give you a great estimation of one of the toughest places on the pro race course.

Usually expert and semi pro are on this same pro course.  Sometimes the higher age levels over 50 are moved to the sport course.

Even the Brian Head national sport level race course is a blast.

So click here if you want to see the Best Mountain Bike Crashes in a Brian Head Utah National Race

Cycling in Brian Head Utah


Cross Training for Road Bicyclists

Feeling cross training calling my name


I have been an avid road bicyclist for many years and have found great benefits in cross training.

Currently I am on the road bicycle about 3 days a week and I am putting in at least 1 day in the dirt, riding cross country (xc) mountain bikes.

Shopping for new gear be daunting as I recently purchased a new bicycle, but I found some wonderful deals and advice over here:

I hope this helps out all my fellow road cyclists. is dedicated to XC, Enduro & DH MTB racers & Road Bike & Cyclo Cross Bicyclists